Terms and conditions

Arrival and departure


  • Pitch: from 2pm
  • Mobile home/Almhut from 4pm


Special wishes to reserve a particular pitch/almhut/mobile home will be taken in account. However, claims cannot be asserted.


  • Pitch: by 11am
  • Mobile home/Almhut: by 10am

In case of a significant delay of your arrival, please inform us as soon as possible. If we are not informed, we will assign the pitch/mobile home/almhut to another of our customers by the following day from 10am.



  • Mobile home/Almhut: Deposit minimum 50% of basic charge, maximum total sum of the booking. Minimum booking: low peak season from 3/1 days, high season 7/5 days (Sat–Sat)
  • Pitch: Deposit: € 80.00 in low peak season, minimum booking from one day, maximum deposit: total sum of the booking. Deposit of € 160.00 in high season, minimum booking from three days, maximum deposit: total sum of the booking.


Bank account details

IBAN: AT86 2050 6077 0007 9838


OVERNIGHT STAY (see price list)

The booked arrival and departure date is binding for both contract partners. Delayed arrivals or early departures cannot be claimed with the site administration. ATTENTION! - Delayed arrivals or early departures (including all fees such as almhut/mobile home/pitch, as well as personal fees or taxes) will be charged as fixed in the actual booking. 



If the booking is cancelled up to 60 days before vacation, the deposit will be credited in full, less € 15 for processing charges. If the booking is cancelled between 60 and 30 days before vacation, 50% deposit will be credited. Less than 30 days before vacation, no part of deposit will be credited!

In case of cancellation 2 weeks (or less) before arrival, the total balance of the amount has to be paid!

Regarding an arrival without reservation in the high peak season, the specified departure date is binding. Thus, pitch charges and per-person fees have to be paid for the entire duration of the stay, regardless of early departure.