Day trip overview


  • Nature track -Kalvarien mountain
  • Griessenbach gorge
  • Tyrolean Farm Museum, Reintaler Lake
  • Nailer's house with Handcraft-Museum, Rattenberg


  • Summer toboggan run and play ground, Walchsee
  • FAdventure park „Familienland“, St. Jakob, Pillerseetal
  • Fairytale-adventure park Marquartstein

Something special:

  • Rarity zoo in Ebbs
  • Haflinger stud farm Ebbs
  • Madersberger Museum, Kufstein
  • First tyrolean wood museum in Wildschönau


  • Province capital town Innsbruck
  • City of Salzburg

Nature track Hochschanz-Kalvarienberg

The circular nature track is an easy 10 minute walk from Kössen. Information boards show what you can see and learn in the forest. Walking tracks are easy for everyone. There are many benches and tables to relax and enjoy.

Infobüro Kössen-Schwendt |  |  | Phone +43 (0)5375 6287

Griessenbachklamm, Kiefersfelden

A special nature experience, wander through the wild romantic Griessenbach gorge. The walk through the cool and moist crevasse takes roughly 30 minutes. At the entrance to the gorge is one of the largest waterwheels in Europe. This wooden wheel has a diameter of seven metres and is two metres wide. In four rotations per minute it delivers approx. 20 kW of electricity.

Spa- and Tourist Office Kiefersfelden | | | Phone: +49 8033 976527

Museum Tyrolean Farms, Reintaler See

The open air museum displaying tyrolean farms is east of Reintaler Lake, near Kramsach. Here are 14 typical farms – brought together from different regions of Tyrol. The farms and many side buildings such as sawmills, flourmills, blacksmiths, an old school and two chapels give insight into traditional farming and working life in days gone by.

Museum Tyrolean Farms |  | | +43 5337 626 36

Nailer houses with Handcraft-Museum, Rattenberg

A particularly picturesque eye catcher of Rattenberg, the nailer houses, hugging the rock faces of the western entrance to the town. Built in the 12th century. Inside is a special Handcraft Museum for interested viewers.

Craftmanship Museum Rattenberg|  | |Phone: +43 5337 67097

Summer toboggan run and playground, Walchsee

The summer toboggan run is in the part of the village called Durchholzen. You can take the chairlift to the middle station. From here you can speed down the toboggan run or enjoy a leisurely walk with magnificent views of the Walchsee and surrounding mountain peaks.

The Walchsee playground in Durchholzen has a skydive, luna-loop or a nautic-jet to mention just a few of the attractions. An absolute hit is the simulator with various programs, taking you into a world of fantasy.

Ski Lift System Zahmer Kaiser | | | +43 5374 5286

Adventure park "Familienland", St. Jakob, Pillerseetal

The adventure park "Familienland" is not only lot of fun, but children will get a full day of physical exercise. Also learning how to handle animals is important. The petting zoo is the best opportunity to practice. There are over 40 attractions in Familienland including: flying circus, pirate ship, rollercoaster, wave slide, devils slide, western comet, pond with rafts, crocodile hunt etc.

Leisure park | | | +43 5354 88 333

Adventure and fairytale park, Ruhpolding

This adventure and fairytale park is located in the middle of a forest. Old waterwheels, dinosaurs, a crystal mine and an archeology dig fascinate not only the children. Also adults can have fun and enjoy being a child again. Further attractions include: Siegfried the dragon, slide paradise, box-cars, train, climbing max, babyland etc.


Leisure park Ruhpolding | | | +43 8663 1413

Adventure and fairytale park, Marquartstein

The philosophy of the adventure fairytale park is to provide a place for parents and children to join each other in fun and play and to create special experiences in the heart of nature.

Special park attractions include: summer toboggan run, gaudi-gondela, the stubborn donkey, park railway, huge jumping cushion, petting zoo, water pistols etc.

Fairytale adventure park Marquartstein | | | +43 8641 7105

Rarity zoo in Ebbs

The rarity zoo in Ebbs has been well known for years for its unique and exotic animal world. On approx. 20.000 sqm you can observe seldomly seen types of birds, monkeys, giant turtles, fish otters, kangaroos etc.


Many animal experts regard the rarity zoo in Ebbs as one of the most beautiful and interesting private exhibits in Austria. A secret tip from ornithologists and bird lovers!

Rarity zoo Ebbs | | | +43 664 505 99 99

Haflinger stud farm Ebbs

With around 150 haflinger horses, a huge area consisting of stables, halls, dressage area, the arena and the Haflinger and Carriage Museum, the stud farm in Ebbs is considered the most significant and famous Haflinger breeding farm in the world.

This day trip destination is not only interesting for horse lovers but, with its worldwide reputation, leaves an impression on everybody.

Stud farm Ebbs | | | +43 (0)5373 42210

Madersperger Museum, Kufstein

The Madersperger Museum, a small museum in Kufstein, shows the history of the inventor of the sewing machine with multimedial technology in a humerous way. In a tiny room a short presentation brings back to life the Kufsteiner and worldwide significant inventor.

Ferienland Kufstein | |  | +43 5372 62207

The first tyrolean wood museum in Wildschönau

In a traditional and authentic tyrolean wood house, visitors can retrace the traditions of the region and the art of wood carving back to the 17th century. On over 200 m2 the woodcarver and sculptor, Hubert Sacher, introduces his guests to the art of carving, from the time of his ancestors up to the present. Round 2000 exponents can be viewed on both floors of the museum and outside. From wood nails to wood worms the artist presents the traditions of the timber industry in his lively way.

1. Tyrolean wood museum and wood carving Wildschönau | | | +43 5339 8842

Province City of Innsbruck

Surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges, tyrols province capital town contains splend buildings and pieces of art as well as a charming gothic old city. It is one of the most beautiful and best maintained middle age city centres in Austria! Here you will also find the famous emblem, the „Goldene Dachl“ - "golden roof".

All the important eras like gothic, barock, renaissance and the K.&.K. Monarchy, take guests on a journey into the past. Also lovers of modern art get their money's worth in the many galeries and exhibitions.

Innsbruck's international fame is of course also owing to the staging of the Winter Olympic Games both in 1964 and 1976.

A fascination for old and young - a visit to the alpine zoo, the highest situated zoo in Europe. More than 2000 animals at home in the European alpine regions are exhibited.

Innsbruck-Tourismus | | | +43 512 59850

The city of Salzburg

Salzburg looks back on a glorious past. Picturesquely located alongside the river Salzach, overlooked by the Hohensalzburg castle, a poetic sight indeed.

Salzburg is known for its most famous son: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart opened his eyes to the world here in 1756. His place of birth, house of residence and many places of impact from his early career make Salzburg a particularly interesting place for music lovers.

The annual summer Salzburger Music Festival keep the cultural heritage of the city alive. Many cultural monuments and impressive sacred buildings, like the Salzburger Cathedral, have made the city an UNESCO world cultural heritage what it is.

400 animals from every continent live in the beautiful animal park Hellbrunn – at the gate of the festival city Salzburg. The Zoo is known for its exemplary enclosures and attractive location.

Salzburg-Tourismus | | | +43 662 88 987-0