Events & Highlights

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Kaiserwinkl Alpine Ballooning Week

When? End of January

More than two dozen balloonists from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britian and the Czech Republic compete against eachother at the Alpine Ballooning Contest in Kaiserwinkl. For visitors and onlookers there is also plenty of action. Daily starts and landings in Kössen and Walchsee. It is also possible to go on a balloon ride.

Kössener Cheese Festival

Handcraft, tradition, food and entertainment like in years gone by can be experienced at the Egascht Fest, taking place annually on pentecost Sunday at Fischerangerl in Walchsee. The extensive program and the authenticity of the presentation give this event its popularity, not only in the Kaiserwinkl-Region, but way beyond the bavarian borders.

Egascht Festl

When? Pentecost Sunday

What does Egascht mean? The first hay making of the season was earlier known as the "Egascht Mahd". Handcraft, tradition, food and entertainment like in early days.

"Days of Thunder" - Harley Davidson-Meeting

When? Middle of June

Hear the "thunder rolling" in Kaiserwinkl.

Kössener "bringing down of the cows"

When? End of September

Farmers drive down their colourfully decorated cows with loud bells from the high pastures through the village.